The Expansiveness of Mobile Computing


In only a matter of a couple short years,  mobile computing with third party applications will become de rigueur, so it would be wise to plan for that eventuality.

We here at DataPlex are very excited about the opportunities offered by more powerful mobile computing, and we have a plan in place to offer products and services in the following ways:  direct to consumer, direct to enterprise, and custom client applications through consulting.  We will soon be offering some of our old classic applications with new looks and enhanced features, and we are designed some groundbreaking new sets of applications for both consumers and enterprises

If your organization is thinking of an application for mobile computing, know that DataPlex has been successfully developing and deploying mobile applications since 1988 with the advent of its DataKeeper product line.  We can be a conscientious, cost effective resource for you.  Please contact us for more information.

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