Exploring Cloud Computing

Advantages of Using the Cloud

The three primary advantages of cloud computing are “faster, better and cheaper.” Usually, you can get two out of three, for example, faster and better, but not cheaper. Cloud computing breaks the traditional software paradigm by offering a new class of services whereby you can leverage a cloud service provider’s mass-market business model to get applications up and running more quickly, using more robust processes, and costing a fraction than what would otherwise be entailed with a proprietary or in-house system. Typical consumer cloud services can be set up in a matter of hours or even minutes, provide a wealth of features, and cost only pennies per unit of used resource or a few dollars per seat per month.

Easy Access – Users being able to access the service through any modern browser on any computing device attached to the Internet including laptops, smartphones and tablets, is a very powerful advantage when compared to private systems which can be accessed only by users when they are at their place of business. For cloud services, you wouldn’t even need to carry a device with you – just gain access to any computer attached to the Internet, log in, and away you go, security issues notwithstanding.

Scalability – Another advantage, and a big one for company growth, is the ability to add needed or subtract unnecessary resources at will. A young company today might need no more than five seats, 50 megabyte of storage, 200 product slots, but in a year’s time, they might need five hundred seats, 50 terabytes, and 5,000 product slots. By using an adequately provisioned cloud service provider, the company finds that it is very quickly able to scale the resources it requires up or down, a boom to seasonal businesses not wanting to pay for unneeded resources during the off-season.

Leveragability – Enterprises that are quick to adopt flexible new technologies such as those involved with the cloud computing paradigm may realize significant business advantages over their competitors by keeping their IT costs lower, offering more features, and managing their operation tighter. Start-up ventures can find themselves with an active online presence producing a cash flow in relatively short order, shifting the focus to their marketing efforts and value propositions where it should be.

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