Exploring Cloud Computing

The Issues with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is young, so it’s incomplete. Some people are concerned about cloud computing’s security, its reliability, who owns the data and applications, how to acceptably backup data, how to port data and convert it to run with other services, multiplatform support, and whether intellectual property could be compromised when applying for a patent. We provide details about these issues in this sidebar.

Cloud Computing is an Option Worth Exploring

Cloud computing is just starting down its evolutionary path. Today, it is a wonderfully cost-effective and low-headache option for leading edge enterprises, start-ups, and for companies looking to retire old IT systems. Others will, understandably, be put off by some of the issues of security, reliability, ownership, integration and portability. As these issues become more adequately addressed over time, we see more secure, robust, comprehensive and integrated services, aided by virtualized servers and enhanced cloud storage, becoming the norm. We predict a fast adoption rate – Within ten years, most enterprises will have “cloud nodes” on which run most, if not all, of their IT operations.

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