At the Crossroads of Enterprise, Mobile and the Cloud

DataPlex is at the intersection of Enterprise, Mobile and the CloudWhat these concurrent improvements in mobile devices, enterprise IT and the cloud mean to the future of computing is nothing short of phenomenal. Since they will both be based on the same cloud technologies, enterprise and mobile IT processes will become more closely intertwined depending on the company, it applications and the adoption and deployment issues involved. While tablet devices are natural thin-client front ends for enterprise applications, they will also be acceptable to a wider audience, thereby blurring the line between enterprise and mobile IT. Because their developers will be able to take advantage of an expanding pool of software development tools and established templates, enterprise apps will become more robust at the same time that they become more appealing visually and in performance.

Enterprise applications that are good candidates for integration with the mobile-cloud are the ones that involve many external points of contact, for example, systems for order fulfillment, inventory control, customer relationship management, banking and other financial services, electronic document processing, and field-service. Upgrading a legacy system to be cloud-based and integrated with mobile can generate a significant ROI for a company.

From our standpoint as developers, this paradigm shift is a win-win. We are able to help our customers reduce their IT costs while at the same time making their systems better and more integrated with mobile.

DataPlex AmpUp enterprise systems toolHere at DataPlex, we are already converting existing enterprise systems over to the cloud, and we’ve developed our own special tool. Our AmpUp product can save more than 50% on such a conversion because it is able to tap into existing database and automatically create web-based data entry screens and reports. We also use AmpUp to develop brand new enterprise systems and their mobile extensions.

Let us know if like to learn more about how DataPlex might be able to move your company closer to the higher profit intersection of enterprise, mobile and the cloud. It will be our pleasure to be of service.

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