Introducing AmpUp, a Cloud-Based Enterprise Platform

Step 4 – Set up Dropdown Selections

There are two ways to do this, statically and dynamically. A static list is one that is defined by system administrators and rarely changes, for example, the names of U.S. states and the types of staff members. A dynamic list is a list that comes from a database table that can be updated in real-time by any number of authorized users and is formed on-the-fly and, by design, can be different from moment to moment. An example of a dynamic list are sale items whereby their quantities change as they are sold and restocked.

For a data field to support either type of dropdown list, all it takes is a single entry is added to one of AmpUp’s control tables:

DataPlex AmpUp dropdown menu example

These dropdown lists can be sorted or unsorted, and they can have an optional blank selection so that the data field can be cleared when necessary.

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