Mobile Computing: Native Apps versus Web Apps

Tie-In with Enterprise

Modern mobile apps can provide a “thin client” view of remote data. Nearly all news, social media and entertainment apps use this approach. Thin client apps can benefit from lessons of the past. The “Personal Computing Comes Full Circle” article describes how apps are trending towards a centralized revival forty-year-old timesharing concepts. Lots of research and computer science went into optimizing these client-server operations. Much of this technology is still applicable today.

Today, we know how to centralize data for viewing and updating by different types of users at different locations. Letting staff retrieve and update information from the field can be very convenient and very advantageous.

You can now save valuable development resources by securely exposing part of your enterprise system to your employees, customers, and vendors. A Rapid Enterprise Deployment tool such as DataPlex’s AmpUp(link), can help you provide these interfaces within a few days.


If you plan to deploy mobile apps to expand the reach of your business, you should consider the cost-effective rapid deployment opportunities provided by web-based centralized computing platforms. A cloud-based platform can let you scale up your application as your business grows.

Consider this. IDC, a major global market intelligence firm predicts that public cloud computing services will be a $72.9 billion market in 2015, up from $21.5 billion in 2010. We’ve seen about twenty start-up proposals this year. Every one of them sought to leverage cloud-based services because of their low cost, low barrier to entry, speed of deployment, and tremendous range of scalability. As a start-up becomes successful, it simply scales up its already deployed cloud services to match increasing demand.

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Before beginning a significant development effort, one should make sure that the governing technological strategy and underlying technical approach are sound. That includes choosing the right path – web app or native app – for the mobile app component. DataPlex team members have experience with both native and web app development on a variety of platforms. We would be happy to help you select the most effective way to accomplish your goals. A cost-effective cloud and web-based future can minimize your development cost and help you take advantage of the next wave of computing technology. Let us know how we can help.

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