SpeedZone get DataPlex Scoreboard Display Electronics

In less than three months, DataPlex designed and manufactured replacement scoreboard display tower electronics for the SpeedZone racetracks as the original manufacturer went out of business and SpeedZone needed working electronics for its karting and Grand Prix scale model Formula One racecar venues. The modest-size scoreboard controller is responsible for displaying all the lap times of each vehicle going around a racetrack on the 10,000 LED display. The displays automatically dim in the evening and on cloudy days to conserve power and be at an appropriate brightness to viewers.

DataPlex’s has been supplying custom electronics and amusement park venue control systems to the SpeedZone locations since 1997. Please read the DataPlex Case Study for more information.

SpeedZone, also known as Malibu Grand Prix and Malibu SpeedZone are the names of a group of motorsports-themed family entertainment centers throughout the United States and is owned by American amusement and entertainment company Palace Entertainment. Palace Entertainment is itself owned by Spanish amusement company Parques Reunidos.

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