DataPlex provides Data Integration for an Energy Company

An energy company had a dilemma — rush a new enterprise application into early service or attempt to breathe some more life into their existing Excel workbooks, utilized as part of the company’s sales workflow. The challenge was to integrate the existing Excel workbooks with disparate data systems located in different places on the Internet include a critical system operated by a financing partner. As most developers find out, Excel is not a good tool when it comes to web communications.

In a matter of weeks, DataPlex engineers devised a new server that the Excel workbooks could interrogate and get a highly structured and therefore reliable view of data from the remote systems. All instances of the workbooks communicate only with the new server, and the server, based on a powerful Microsoft .NET platform, takes the responsibility of communicating with the other data sources. The server itself is a multitasker, able to handle thousands of concurrent workbook connections at one time, more than enough to satisfy the energy company’s userbase.

DataPlex engineers participated as part of the internal team at the energy company put together to manage the project which had company-wide workflow and business considerations. Because of the fast response required, DataPlex used a form of Agile software development with periodic releases and client reviews.

DataPlex engineers are skilled in designing and implementing custom software designs. Let us know how we can help you implement a solution to your custom set of requirements.

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