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FillerBot document fill-in application

Introducing DataPlex FillerBot, a document fill-in application for Microsoft Word and Excel

Introducing DataPlex FillerBot

Would you like a better way to produce form letters, labels, contracts, legal documents, data lists, quality control documentation, and invoices? Tired of trying to slug through the complexity of Microsoft Word mail merge? Then we may have the right solution for you.

FillerBot can help you with these data fill-in tasks and with many others. You see, FillerBot is a simple Windows application lets you create and fill documents by using data from many formats including Access, Excel, text files, and SQL database files. FillerBot’s user interface helps you easily access, select, and sort data retrieved from your data sources. It then appropriately inserts the data in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents. FillerBot runs on computers using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel with Windows XP or Windows Vista.

You will appreciate FillerBot’s efficiency, flexibility and ease of use. Download and start using FillerBot today to reduce costs and improve the accuracy of the documents you use.


  • supports all Microsoft Word formatting features
  • supports all Microsoft Excel formatting features
  • guided use, better than a wizard
  • easier to use than Microsoft Word Mail Merge
  • taps into simple lists and also SQL databases
  • small size, does not hog disk space

Go to the FillerBot product page.