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DataPlex Engineers Custom System for Reader’s Digest

For the second straight year, DataPlex, through its client Quick Tally Interactive Systems, provided a custom-engineered voting system for the Reader’s Digest nationwide Word Power Challenge.  In this contest, students compete for $50,000 in college scholarships. The show stars Al Roker as the host and will air on NBC in June, 2007.

DataPlex Delivers System to 1 vs. 100 Show

Through its client Quick Tally Interactive Systems, DataPlex completed delivery of a sophisticated player registration, mob voting and demographics reporting system to NBC’s hit game show 1 vs. 100 based on it Metadox audience survey product.  also, DataPlex personnel provide technical support during the tapings of 1 vs. 100 episodes.

DataPlex to provide 1 vs. 100 Demographics

Through its client Quick Tally Interactive Systems, DataPlex has been selected to provide player and mob registration, demographics capture and vote analysis tools to NBC’s hit game show 1 vs. 100.

DataPlex announces XbBeam Xbox Video Streamer

DataPlex announces XbBeam technology products that allows Xbox to stream video from common Windows XP PCs. Current technology only allows video to be streamed from Microsoft Media Center PCs.

DataPlex delivers Application to New NBC Game Show “1 vs. 100″

Through its client Quick Tally Interactive Systems, DataPlex delivers a custom version of its Metadox Audience Response Software to NBC for its upcoming 1 vs. 100 television game show to air beginning October, 2006.

DataPlex provides Voting Software to Reader’s Digest

Through its client Quick Tally Interactive Systems, DataPlex operates two custom versions of its Metadox Software for Reader’s Digest’s 2006 National Word Power Challenge, one version for an elimination round and another for a televised production co-ventured with Al Roker.

DataPlex Implements Web Database for Charitable Organization

DataPlex project managed and implemented a full-scale web database for tracking a charitable organization’s membership and activities. The charity’s executives can securely access the database through standard HTML pages anywhere in the world, and instantly download filtered lists to Microsoft Office products including Word and Excel.The database is implemented using MySQL, the server-based language is PHP, the client-based language is JavaScript, and the HTML pages are sources from templates that are maintained directly by the charity’s staff.