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DataPlex now consulting for Microfabrica

Microfabrica gear microassembly
DataPlex is pleased to announce that it is now providing technical consulting services to Microfabrica, Inc. of Van Nuys, California. Microfabrica develops and manufactures micro-scale devices and systems for medical device, electronics, and defense applications. The company utilizes proprietary, patented technology for manufacturing clinical and tissue removal and suturing instruments, subsystems and components for imaging and sensing devices, radio frequency devices, semiconductor wafer probes, inertial and timing devices, and precision, self-assembled miniaturized metal parts.

DataPlex web designers update caterer’s website

Our professional web designers updated the web site for Cynthia Brooks Catering of Pasadena, California. We replaced their Flash-based slideshows with ones based on Javascript so that they website is viewable from smartphones and the new iPad.

Cynthia Brooks Catering webpage

DataPlex launches new website for Dynaroll Corp.

DataPlex website designers and software engineers tied together several web technologies to launch Dynaroll Corporation’s new state-of-the-art website. Dynaroll’s website is now the most extensive destination for all things ball bearings:  for ordering ball bearings, learning more about ball bearings, using ball bearings in assemblies, assembly production and qualification, and torque testing.  It consists of over 400 pages of technical information and bearing data.

Dynaroll webpage