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MRI M-20 Proof-of-Concept Complete

DataPlex has completed the proof-of-concept for Measurement Research, Inc.’s M-20 Industrial Tester electronics. The proof-of-concept included demonstrating simultaneous control of multiple axis of motion and the adaption of existing electronics to minimize new development cost. DataPlex’s next step is to firm up the production specifications, lay out a new circuit board and build some intial units for long-term testing and evaluation.

DataPlex to Develop Electronics for MRI’s M-20 Industrial Tester

DataPlex has been selected by Measurement Research, Inc. (MRI) to develop the realtime control electronics for MRI’s new M-20 Industrial Tester.  The M-20 electronics will receive sensor data and control several mechanical assemblies positionally driven by different types of motors.  DataPlex will design the custom electronics, develop the firmware and Windows application, and also manufacture the M-20 circuit boards.  DataPlex had previously developed and manufactured electronics for MRI’s M-10 and M-15 product lines of Industrial Torque Testers.