For Embedded Systems

Available for our industry consulting customers, our embedded systems tools help firmware and embedded system engineers to speed up the development of consumer and industrial products.

Puma logo

PUMA is a powerful programmable universal macro assembler, or PUMA for short, with support for over 2,000 different processors on more than 20 platforms. PUMA is a cross-platform assembly code, C code and macro compiler that eliminates the need for an embedded systems group from having to purchase a myriad of assemblers and compilers at much higher cost. By using PUMA, engineers have the advantage of having just one tool to get to know.

Humanize logo

DataPlex's Humanize toolkit is a machine-to-human interface converter with a premier disassembler at its core. Humanize is used by firmware and embedded system engineers for reverse engineering, analysis, research and development. It has been used to settle intellectual property disputes.

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