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Centered around our powerful AmpUp™ Rapid Enterprise Development platform, our enterprise offerings are complete vertical systems ready for quick deployment which we can supplement with our world-class consulting services through which our experienced technicians will help configure your servers and get your important new features deployed.

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DataPlex's AmpUp™ Rapid Enterprise Development Platform allows system developers to quickly create web-centric enterprise applications or convert existing non-web enterprise systems over to the web. It is cloud-ready, has dropdown selections and data validation, and supports SQL and non-relational document databases as well. AmpUp cleverly taps into database schemas to automatically create a suite of data entry forms, reports and administrative procedures. More...

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FillerBot is DataPlex's enterprise document generation utility that connects to existing databases and provides easy ways to generate mass mailings of letters, statements, personalized circulars and reports. FillerBot has been designed specifically for non-technical users, making it easy for them to format data for printing. More...

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Metadox is a survey system that can be used locally with people holding voting devices in their hands, geographically with people voting on their cellphones, or globally with people voting through any device or on the web. Metadox's “Survey Anywhere” approach lowers the technological barriers for ways of voting. Add-on modules provide analytical and summary tools and reporting. More...

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The ShopView server processes data from manufacturing systems and displays graphically the progress of each machine in a machine shop, providing a one-stop status dashboard for the entire shop floor. Different colors call out jobs that are on time, paused, or late. Jobs can be terminated early, split or rolled into other jobs. ShopView maintains its own job log from which administrative reports can be run.

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