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DataPlex Labs: making technology easier

DataPlex engineers are always looking at new ways to make technology easier, particularly for existing technologies that are held back from their full potential by complexity and incomplete functionality. We develop and provide resources that fill in the gaps to simplify development, deployment and ongoing support.

DataPlex engineers make great strides in creating new and innovative technologies that simplify and enhance the development of solutions for its customers. After analyzing the technologies and solutions available to a particular industry, we often discover that their implementations would leave much to be desired. We then have the DataPlex Labs create add-ons or alternate tools that then satisfy our customers' precise requirements.

Our laboratory has many ongoing research and development projects that are continually providing developmental solutions that make life easier for our developers, partners and customers. Many of solutions developed in our lab are integrated into our Rapid Enterprise Development tools such as AmpUp™ or become a mainstay in our internal tools we use for developing solutions for our customers.

Hire our Lab

Collectively, our engineers have experience with over 200 different engineering disciplines and can provide our customers with a wealth of experience and services including proof-of-concept and prototype development. Let's discuss your needs.

Recent Work

Here are some recent projects developed in conjunction with our labs that have saved our customers time and money in both development and in the field:

Rapid Enterprise Development

  • Selectable format data exports to Word, Excel, CSV, TXT and XML
  • Hierachical Script Folder Support for easy maintenance of descendant applications
  • Automatically generated calendars with drill-down detail
  • Advanced icon, button and horizontal dropdown menu functionality
  • "Bandwidth smart" upload and download of photos, videos and other documents

Data Networks

  • Automatically scheduled remote database synchronization
  • Immediate "hot" database preventative maintenance backup
  • Automated upconversion from virtual to cloud-based hosting


  • 0.001% THD low-voltage regulator (1,000 times better than average)
  • New programmable toolset for faster FPGA to ASIC translation
  • Self-calibrating Pantone® color comparator between additive media, i.e. displays, and subtractive media, i.e. printers.
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