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Case Study
Case Study - • PrefixSuffix Mobile App
Client Areas: Education • E-Commerce • Advertising

PrefixSuffix website

DataPlex designed and operates the PrefixSuffix suite of digital properties that includes the website and the PrefixSuffix mobile app. These properties are English Language word root reference guides which contain word roots, their definitions and example usage, available to the public either for free as with the website, or for a one-time $3 fee as with the mobile app.

This case study describes these digital properties and the philosophy behind their complementary implementations.

The Website

The PrefixSuffix website was inspired by the teachings of the late Mrs. Irene Tarnoff, a mentor-teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Just as she taught thousands of children who passed through her Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School classroom in West Los Angeles, California, the website services thousands of people in their quest for information, daily. It runs on an Apache + MySQL + PHP platform and on a server located at DataPlex's offices.

Originally a single web page English language word root reference chart, DataPlex engineers evolved over time. Now, it includes detailed discussions, challenge games where people can guess the meaning of a word root or the word root for a definition, and a built-in word root search engine. is now a top English language reference site.

PrefixSuffix store
PrefixSuffix Store generates revenue from including Google advertising and from running a niche Amazon Store.

The PrefixSuffix Store offers for sale English language resources that includes books, DVDs and other educational materials.

The Mobile App

PrefixSuffix mobile app
PrefixSuffix for iPhone

It wasn't long after the introduction of Apple's App Store that requests became to come in for a mobile version. DataPlex engineers took into account the differences in the types of users, screen resolutions and functionality to design an iPhone app that was complementary to instead of just a reduction of the website. The idea was that the mobile app would enhance the website and vice versa. (Judging by the significant increase in volume, they were right.)

When the iPhone version was launched, people commented on its ease of use. The mobile app has tabs that allows a user to flip between a reference chart pane of commonly used roots and a pane for searching the entire root database. With iOS 4, the application supports multitasking and users can bounce in and out of the app without losing their position or search results.

The Philosophy

The philosophy exhibited by the PrefixSuffix set of properties envelops the blurring of how, in these technologically focused times, to provide a service, sell a product and generate revenue. It is critical that such modern businesses be modeled correctly so that the properties will realize their optimum potential by pleasing their users and generating revenue.

DataPlex engineers enjoyed bringing PrefixSuffix to life in its various embodiments, and the lessons they learned from the implementation of these digital properties can be immediately leveraged for other projects.

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