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DataPlex is a hardware design, software programming and website design house. Our engineers design circuits for consumer and industrial products, hand-build prototypes and manufacture production units. Our developers deliver custom desktop, mobile and embedded software apps, and our web designers enjoy producing eye-popping websites.

We provide an often interrelated mix of systems engineering, electronics design, programming, web design, prototyping and manufacturing services to our customers.

Hardware Design

Our hardware engineers are experienced analog and digital designers who understand discrete, modular and embedded systems on both a hardware and firmware level. They have created and interfaced with several different types of sensors, actuators, and mechanical and optical assemblies. We have a complete engineering lab with our own electronics schematic capture, circuit board design, and prototyping capabilities.

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Software Programming

Our software programmers not only develop Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac and mobile device applications. For embedded system projects, they leverage DatPlex's own proprietary PUMA "programmable universal macro assembler" which saves time and money. We are happy to bid on programming RFPs.

Embedded Systems

When a product has both significant hardware and software components, it is best to use an experienced team with dozens of designs under their belt. Our team optimizes the hardware of a design, shifting most of the variable functionality into software, firmware and programmable hardware logic, all the while providing for flexibility as well as possible future expansion.

Prototyping & Production

Following a strategic plan, DataPlex engineers and technicians will expeditiously construct your proof-of-concept and prototype devices, incorporating feedback from you each step along the way.

DataPlex can provide limited production of your hardware and, when you are ready, transition production to a high-volume manufacturer, providing them with all of the necessary documentation.

Creative Website Design

For all but the most basic websites, website design is now an engineering task because of the growing number of web technologies that combine to go into a website nowadays: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, PHP, PERL, ASP, SQL, ... well, you get the idea. Even with all that tech, our designers can still bring a clean, artistic flair to your new website.

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Intellectual Property Protection

While we help our customers get patent protection on the new technology that we help them create, we also help them obtain patents for inventions that they came up without us. Since we are engineers who have written a number of patents, we can prepare draft specifications quickly and accurately, saving you from the expense of having a patent lawyer do a less technical job at a much higher cost.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can do for you today.

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