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At the center of all IT services are all kinds of server computers used for processing, storing and communicating information accurately, reliably and expeditiously. As we were implementing systems for our customers, we saw a need, and now we provide a "one-stop shop" for add-on web hosting.

More than Just Hosting

One of our best characteristics as a hosting provider is that we are also developers. Our engineers match your application requirements to cost-effective server solutions, thereby bringing you an appropriate combination of performance, security and reliability. Our data centers:

  • use TLS (SSL) to secure communications
  • have successfully completed multiple SAS 70 Type II audits
  • are HIPAA applications compliant
  • have achieved Payment Card Industry (PCI) DSS Level 1 compliance
  • have achieved ISO 27001 certification

Web Hosting Options

Shared Server

 Appropriately cost-effective for most low and medium-size applications as the physical hardware and software are both being shared.
Dedicated Servers Easiest to implement for an existing system that is already on a server. Excellent performance because the server is not being shared.
Virtual Servers

Very cost-effective because the actual physical hardware is being use for a number of other unrelated IT services.
Cloud-Based ServersCost-effective and also enormously scaleable, can save the day for when there is unpredicted or unprecedented huge demand.
Large-Scale DeploymentsOur engineers can lay out a plan where the above different options are mixed so as to minimize cost while maximizing performance.

Get AmpUp'ed

AmpUp logo

All of our web servers include the latest commercial release of AmpUp, our proprietary, time-saving, rapid enterprise business system development tool which we and other developers use to create new enterprise systems. Read more about the benefits of AmpUp.


The current shared server offerings are:

Enterprise Website:$200/month, scalable. CGI/PHP and MySQL support
Includes 1 GB storage and 1,000 Performance Units
+$20/month for each additional GB of storage
+$0.08/month for each additional Performance Unit
Application Website:$500/month, scalable. Application, CGI/PHP and MySQL support
Includes 3 GB storage and 3,000 Performance Units
+$20/month for each additional GB of storage
+$0.10/month for each additional Performance Unit

A "Performance Unit" is one server CPU execution second or one GB of Internet I/O. There is no additional cost for data routing or for data transfers within the DataPlex data center.

Domain registration and domain name services such as parking and forwarding are also available. Pricing for virtual, dedicated, and cloud-based servers are available upon request.

Maintenance Subscription

A Website Maintenance Subscription is required for hosted servers. It includes a variety of ongoing technical activity to ensure quality operation of the website, including presence monitoring, server restarts, security updates and daily backups. A maintenance subscription is 15% of the associated monthly fees.

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